Urban Nomad


Inspiration - Tibetan Nomads འབྲོག་པ། (ndrogba)
Nomadic Pastoralism "Nomads" is a result of the Neolithic revolution where humans adapt to environmental conditions and migrates to exploit scarce resources. This movement has been dubbed as one of the great advances in the evolution of mankind. Over the centuries, Tibetan nomads "ndrogba" overcame the harsh mountain ecosystem that offers little and strived on moving through the wandering lustre of green grasslands and hills of the romantic Tibetan plateau
The nature of nomadic fashion styles are testaments to practicality and functionality of simple sophistication with a touch of unique and distinctive flair which is intertwined to the romanticism of flowy green pastures in the midst of hostility. "ndrogba" dons on multiple layers of clothing that enables them to adapt to varieties of environmental conditions. These layered flowy look creates visually stunning overall appeal, one that is iconic to Tibetan nomads.
There is real beauty in their fashion and life alike. The nomads did more than just survive. They created a unique, vibrant and colourful culture that depicts the triumph of humanity over adverse circumstances and conformity. 
Surreal, but closely knitted to the fate of urban nomad in the face of globalization.
"Urban Nomad" is a modern wanderer; a dreamer - of not just things material but immaterial too; from sensuous to spiritual. Home is but a relative concept that is devoid of any attachment to fixation. The concept of flow is aligned to their intellect. Urban Nomad is slave to nothing, not even fashion, but has perceived fashion as the way they deem fit.
Panayo F/W 2014 - Urban Nomad is a transpose of nomadic romanticism of Tibetan Nomad against the backdrop of our concrete jungle.


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