'Fashion' refers to any trends and fads popular at a given time. To a certain extent, it closely resembles the concept of spatial time where humanity adopts perceived natural cyclical time, akin to fashion following the seasons and the fluid state of flux. The dynamism and beautifully chaotic world of fashion leaves no room for age. Can there be a fusion of art with fashion that is timeless and fad-resistant?

Time;less seeks solace in elegance above and beyond trends.  Time;less adopts an artisan approach with delicate technicality with classic drapes, cuts and clothier tailoring. The multi-facet functionality of Time;less also give rise to versatility in forms and suitability for day to night wear, seamlessly permeating into wearer’s form.

Time;less by Panayo originate, articulate and transcend norms that will redefine fashion; one that is no longer of a short term orientation, but of an entity akin to art; in itself, timeless.

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