Dark Allure

A prequel with supernatural undertone to the break of dawn, the allure of darkness shimmers through the eternal black space. Plunging into the dark abyss, the collection of villainous fashion reinforces the classy of black that can look ever so good, coupled with the mastery of versatility that aligns itself to the perverted logic of the dark with the design concept inspired from the intertwines with imageries of the twisted forms.

And so the Queen of Dark, you writhe, contouring the different fabrics choices of chiffon, georgette which mimics the light, floaty and ethereal soul. Vacillating between the dark of shades, the designs flaunts the mysterious and versatility of designs through the clothier hands that changes form and shapes. The drapery and multiple forms that a design can manifest forms the fundamantal design inspiration and construct/deconstruct.

The pervasive dark aura permeates through the threads of the designs. The darkness of collection manifests its evil form afar in the curse of the summer nights. As the night decay, herein comes the great equalizer. As long as the sun still rises, liberation is guaranteed. There will be light at the end of darkness, but the essence of the collection remains, alluring.

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