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Dovetail Dress
Inspired by our first collection’s sexy t-back, this dress is elegantly finished with flattering ..
Parallax Dress
This black and sleek georgette dress is constructed with a hidden rectangular parallax shape at o..
 Chubas Drapes Dress
This Drape dress have all the qualities of being the special classic elegant cocktail party dress..
Dropka Dress
This Dress is made up of 2 pieces. This design is very much inspired by Tibetan robes. This ..
Khata Handkerchief Dress
Unexpected in the asymmetry of the hemline, try our khata handkerchief dress for that little uniq..
Plait Pullover Dress
This loose fit Off-the-shoulder pullover dress features plait ribbed texture of the fabric. It is..
Chichi Romper
This white minimalist romper embodies Panayo's ideal of Simple sophistication + Intricate di..
Spatial Shift Dress
Lightweight and woven, this contour colorblock dress is highly versatile day-to-night piece suita..
T Back Dress
Experimental design with deliberate concoction of sexiness and sheer brilliance. This eye catchin..
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