About Panayo

Panayō is an independent female fashion label that adopts an artisan approach to apparel design.

The apparels are predominantly minimalistic and classy with structural twist. Panayō experiment with geometry, bold cuts and shapes to conjure unique patterns. The manipulation of the Form and/or Function of apparels intricately differentiates Panayō from other labels. Expect the unexpected of what simplicity can offer.

Coupled with immaculate tailoring and evenly poised between avant-garde and Prêt -a-porter, Panayō creates masterpieces that originate, articulate and transcend norms that is no longer of a short term orientation, but of an entity akin to art; in itself, timeless.

Panayō is targeted at contemporary woman who understands fashion, is confident and not afraid to transpire beauty, ideals and poise well beyond mainstream fashion and fads.

Panayō is an Ancient Sanskrit word (पनयो) equivalent for confidence.  


About the Designer

A rebel of a character; a fashion school grad who lives and breathes fashion. YY Liew's world is encapsulated within everything fashion. Her design inspirations cull from legendary designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQ etc. She strives towards original creation and aims to translate her ideals and design creativity into physical pieces of clothes. A non-conformer to mainstream fashion and fads, expect classiness, versatility and great quality pieces of masterpiece from Panayo.

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